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October 5, 2017 @ 1:05 pm

Interview with RiverKnits

Whist visiting Yarndale 2017 (Yorkshire based yarn show), I was ushered towards RiverKnits by my friend Bec.  I was instantly in awe of their yarns, colours and dyeing techniques.

I discovered that they live and dye (see what I did there!) on a narrow boat that was moored up less than a mile from my house.  It was such a golden opportunity to interview a dyeing duo on their boat that I coudln't pass it up.

What you will hear is an interview that was conducted as we sat outside on the narrow boat.  There are knocks and bangs and engines noises.  I deliberately wanted this as part of the interview so that you got a feel for life on the boat.  At the end there are soem lovely tunes played by Becci and Markus, so keep on listening.

The interview is also available as a video file on YouTube.  Unfortunately, the footage is over exposed (my baf for not sorting out hte wite balance better) but I felt it was still okay to put out and the interview is just so nice that I coudln't not be seen.

Rather than write lots about the interview, I just want to show you some photos below that punctaute the interview.  

You can buy RiverKnits yarns from and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.  They also have a Facebook page for their folk band Das Boaty McBoatface.



 Some RiverKnits colourways



The most amazing 'Indian Giant Squirrel' colourway



The actual Indian Giant Squirrel.



My latest design 'Barley', which uses 100g of Splenidferous Sock in 'Stoke' and 5 x mini skeins of your choice.



One of Becci's favourite dyers is Victoria from Eden Cottage - you can see why!



Some examples of colourways inspired by life on the canal.



Goregous leather project bags made by Nu Shearman.  Nu uses British leather and has an Etsy shop.



Thanks for listening and thanks to Becci and Markus for letting me come and interview them.

Fay x

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