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About Me

The Crochet Circle is hosted by Fay Dashper-Hughes, so here is a little bit about me and why I do a crochet podcast.

Fay Dashper-Hughes: 

I started crocheting and knitting in September 2014 and what I lack in experience I more than make up with passion and enthusiasm! Until recently I worked within the waste management sector but having caught the crafting bug, I now own and run my own start-up company manufacturing and sourcing useful crochet and knitting paraphernalia with an eye on reducing environmental impacts and having a clear understanding of where each of my products come from.

The aims for the podcast and everything done under the banner of The Crochet Circle:

• To deliver a podcast to crafters 
• Provide an informal and relaxed community through the Ravelry group - The Crochet Circle Podcast and social media (particularly Instagram (crochet_circle_podcast),
• To add value to crafters by: 


  1. Providing an insight into the industry side of crochet including interviews with farmers, rearers, spinners, hand dyers, manufacturers, designers, pattern checkers, test crocheters and knitters.
  2. Interviewing crochet groups and knit groups - looking at what they make, why they make, age range, how often they meet etc.
  3. Sharing tips and tricks to improve and simplify crochet.
  4. Sharing crochet book reviews.
  5. Sharing yarn reviews.
  6. Promoting sustainable crochet practices - reduce/reuse/recycle, including: stash diving/yarn swapping/buying British (or local to you)/buying second-hand or unwanted yarn/gifting unwanted yarn/charity crocheting and knitting.
  7. Providing a fun place for crocheters to join and spend an enjoyable hour listening to informative and friendly chatter.




The Podcast will be streamed once a month, on the first Friday of each month.