Twice a month I run a Global Hook Up.  Through the power of Zoom, we can get together as a global crocheting community and have a crafting session. 


I have been running these since 2018 and it is great fun.  


To try to reach as many timezones as possible, I run a session on a Saturday night at 8pm GMT/BST and another the following morning at 9am GMT/BST.  We regularly have people join the Hook Up from Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Germany, America.


If you are a bit shy and find the prospect of joining a group daunting, you are very welcome to come along and keep yourself muted and the video.  This allows you to see how the group works without any pressure on you to speak or be seen.  In time, it would be lovely if you wanted to join in, but that is 100% your decision.


If you want to get to know some folk first, I thoroughly recommend joining us at the Crochet Clan over on Mighty Networks (it's a private group within a community networking site), follow this link for a direct invite.


Joining Zoom for a Global Hook Up

I always mention the next Global Hook Up dates in the 'Quick Newsbeats' part of the podcast.  Joining instructions can always be found in the following places:

  1. 'Global Hook Ups' topic over on Might Networks
  2. Latest podcast shownotes 
  3. On Instagram as a story and saved as a highlight @crochet_circle_podcast


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