Hello, pod friend!


I guess you have clicked this link because you like the podcast, the wonderful Crochet Clan community that we have built around it and you are thinking about supporting it financially through Patreon?


You're a good egg, aren't you!


The best way you can support the podcast is by becoming a Patron.  I have set up three different tiers with different varying rewards.


I am sure you can see how much time and effort I put into everything I do under the banner of the Crochet Circle Podcast.  The rewards have been set up in a way that doesn't create a load of extra work for me (I already spend about 20% of my working month on the podcast) but does give you tangible benefits. 


Starting at £3 a month, you can be a Lace Weight Patron.  £5 bumps you up to Sport Weight and £10 puts you in the top tier - Worsted Weight.  


Thank you for even thinking about supporting me, the podcast and our crochet network.  I love what I do and I love the Crochet Clan.


If you aren't able to help through Patreon, there are other ways to support.  Like, share, subscribe, promote and engage with the podcast.  This all helps the podcast to be seen and in turn, helps to encourage more crochet.


Fay xx






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