Episode 13 - Stash Bingo

Hello folks, come on into The Crochet Circle Podcast. Here are the show notes from Episode Thirteen - Stash Bingo.


In this episode, I cover: Yay Crochet or Nay Crochet; CALs; FOs; WIPs; Feeding the Habit; Quod the Rav and the final segment What's Good?


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1 - Yay crochet or nay crochet

I am very aware that it is always a yay crochet.  I am a glass half full kind of a girl, so maybe that is why?


It is all about Tunisian crochet.  Although I already crochet, I feel like I am learning a new genre of the craft by getting to grips with Tunisian crochet.  I haven't done a lot yet, but it is all leading towards me spiralling down yet another rabbit hole...  


2 - CALs

The Christmas CAL started on the 24th December and concluded on the 31st January.  The enthusiasm, support and skill showed within this CAL have been fantastic.  


I have pulled together a 'TCC Christmas CAL' video montage to show all of the finished objects, the crafters behind them and the prize winners (drawn using a random number generator).  


You can also view the finished projects by checking #tccChristmasCAL on Instagram or looking at the 'Christmas CAL FOs' thread within The Crochet Circle Podcast group on Ravelry.  You will see lots of beautiful projects.


The running of our first CAL has definitely helped to define how the next CAL is going to be managed.


Tunisian CAL

This new CAL will start on the 3rd March and run until the 16th April.  We are being expertly guided by Sol through this CAL as she already teaches Tunisian crochet, has tutorials on her blog and is providing patterns for the CAL.




As with the Christmas CAL, there will be three categories:

1 - Sol's Cobbled Streets Cowl which is free of charge pattern and needs one skein (400m) of 4 ply yarn, a 4mm (G6) hook and a 30cm cable, though you may be able to use a long-shafted hook instead.

2 - Sol's Ocaso shawl which is a paid-for pattern and needs three (1 x Yarn A and 2 x Yarn B) skeins of 4 ply yarn with about 380m per skein.  You will need a 4mm hook (G6) and an 80cm cable.

3 -  Anything goes.  The pattern of your choice, it just has to be Tunisian crochet.


A Ravelry thread has already been opened and you can use #tccTunisianCAL on Instagram.




Roll on March 3rd.


3 - Finished Objects

Many FOs are in my midst!  I have managed to get some major projects finished.  During the last podcast I promised that I would have my  Leigh Tee finished, and I had also started the Riveret crochet top, so here they both are:




I also finished off the redesign of Colosseum to make it into a two skein shawl.  I am currently writing the new pattern up and it will be available to purchase from Ravelry and my website shortly but I will also be sending it as a free pattern to people that have already bought a copy of Take Two.





My final FO was a pair of knitted Delilah socks from The Sock Drawer.  I also used these for a bit of test on sock blockers:




Here is the link to the differences in yarn usage between some knitted and crocheted stitches.  If you have any burning questions on similar topics, let me know via Ravelry and I will see if I can investigate.


4 - WIPs

Hmmm, I want to start all of the things, but let's start with the thing that is not my best friend at the moment, my second Uncia shawl.  I had to work so hard to knit Juliet's Uncia for the self-imposed deadline that the thought of picking up my Uncia to finish it is filling me with dread.  I have 95 rows left to knit, about 25 hours worth of knitting maybe?  I just can't face it at the moment. Maybe next week.


I wanted to start a knitted garment at the back end of 2016 but was enticed into more Christmas CAL crochet and so made a start on a Leigh top on the 1st January 2017 instead.   This is really quick to knit up and I am using the yarn that the pattern called for - Rowan Cocoon (shade Crag).  This is gorgeous to work with and there is a very strong sheepy smell coming off the yarn (80% wool and 20% Mohair) which just makes me want to knit on it all day long.


I also seem to have started another crocheted garment!  The pattern is Riveret by Merrian Holland from Pom Pom Quarterly's Spring 2016 issue.  I liked the look of this pattern when I first got my copy through the door but I wasn't convinced that it would suit me.  I then saw the sample at Yarnporium in London and realised how big it was on the model and just how elegant it was.  I have done very little on this but it should receive some more love before the next podcast!



5 - Feeding the habit

I have been very good.  Whilst I have bought yarn for designs and present crafting, I have bought NO personal yarn!


Instead, I bought books:  

1 - Around the Corner Crochet Borders

2 - The New Tunisian Crochet


6 - Quod the Rav

If you have some yarn that you want to use but you don't know what to make with it, then here are some simple ways of filtering through Ravelry to drill down to some suitable projects:








So much easier to search through 85 projects than 614,000+.



What's good?

We are heading into a yarn festival season once more.  The first that I will be attending is the Edinburgh Yarn Festival on the 11th March so if anyone fancies meeting up, let me know.  I will also be vending at Wonderwool Wales on the 23rd and 24th April and who knows where else I will end up this year...


Until next month.


Fay x


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