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Featuring a full-length interview with Erika Knight, chatting about her new Studio Linen yarn and Studio Linen Collection, her partnership with John Lewis, the importance of Yarn Shop Day, British manufacturing and why she wants to teach Bear Grylls to crochet.


Please note that this interview was recorded at a trade show so there is quite a bit of background noise and you may need to adjust your volume a little.  We have tried to filter out as much of the background noise as possible, but is was a very busy trade show...






1. Studio linen



2. Studio Linen Collection




3. John Lewis Partnership - Erika Knight for John Lewis


4. More information on Linen and Flax




5. New Manchester cotton mill



6. Yarn Shop Day



7. YAK Brighton


8. Black Sheep Wools


9. Skein Cocaine


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Happy Crocheting


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