It has been a while since I released an interview episode and I think this one is really helpful.  I had great fun chatting with Lyndsey outside in my back garden.  That does mean that there are some background noises (breeze, birds tweeting, and aggressive magpie and a small child singing down the lane).  Nonetheless, this interview is full of great tips on how to keep your self healthy while you crochet and craft.




The information contained within this interview is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.


Here are the links to the resources Lyndsey (https://www.phoenixoh.uk/) spoke of:  

Hand and wrist exercises.. https://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/library/adult_health/sma_wrist_tendonitis_exercises/




Exercises to manage all sorts of pains

Exercises for lower back


Lovely viewer Claudia watched this interview and recommended the following: "I find it very helpful and relaxing to use gel frio relax from Naturales Canarias.... a gel which cools, relax the muscles and helps against pain and inflammation with aloe, arnica, devil‘s claw, camphor and menthol. The devil‘s claw is very good against arthritis. We all use it in the family when we feel a bit stiff or have neck and shoulder pain."

So, you may want to give Naturales Canarias a try.


Fay x

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